Seeing double!

Watery reflections from different parts of the world

As you may know, I am also posting stories and images on another platform and I thought that something that I posted there, a little while back, would be fun to share here, as well. I’d searched my collection of photographs over the past few years and selected some of my favorites, all featuring reflections on water, in one way or another. If you think that I’m shamelessly promoting my own travel pictures, uh yes, you are right. But I’m sure that you will enjoy looking at these images as much as I did when I took the pictures.

Reflections on the massive Kafue River, Zambia. (c) Ron Smit

That first panoramic view is over the Kafue River, which flows through western and southern Zambia, passing through a number of national parks, before pouring into the mighty Zambezi River.

Here is another view of the same river, seen from within the Kafue National Park.

A bend in the Kafue River, seen from the Kasabushi campsite, in the Kafue NP. (c) Ron Smit

My next photograph is from Cape Town, on the southern tip of this continent, in the country where I was born. A decorative waterwheel and waterlilies adorn a pond in Green Point Park, where Signal Hill and Lions Head reflect in the water.

View from Green Point Park, Cape Town. (c) Ron Smit

Of course, I also must reflect on a country with a very watery history – The Netherlands. (Apologies about my attempted pun, I couldn’t resist!) We lived in Eindhoven for a number of years and took many walks along a little stream close to our home. The Dommel is a little stream that flows through the rather pastoral landscape close to a major city, after coming all the way from Belgium.

The Dommel, near Eindhoven. (c) Ron Smit

As you would expect from a country that exists largely below sea level and has a long history of trading, it is full of waterways and boats. Some of these were originally freighters for carrying goods through the country and through this region of Europe, but have since been converted into passenger craft. We used one of these during a running (and swimming) weekend on the IJsselmeer with the local kennel of the Hash House Harriers.

Two boatloads of hashers (c) Ron Smit

Leaving Europe behind, let’s look at some reflections from North America, from western Canada, to be more precise. We traveled through that part of the world during the summer of 2017, and it was a truly magical experience! The next image is probably my favorite “water reflection” picture.

The Rocky Mountains and a cloudy sky reflecting into the Bow River at Canmore, Alberta. (c) Ron Smit

A few days later on that trip through Canada, we passed through the towns of Banff and beautiful Lake Louise, and hiked up to Lake Agnes. It was early June, but there was still a lot of snow (and ice), which provided the background for another story, already shared here. But it also allowed for the contrasting white snow and dark rocks to reflect beautifully onto the surface of the lake.

View over Lake Agnes, from near the Tea House. (c) Ron Smit

To conclude my list of reflections, I must return to Africa, and to a brilliant sunset over the Zambezi River. I have yet to see a sunset there that is not magnificent.

The sun setting over the mighty Zambezi, always, ALWAYS a fantastic view (c) Ron Smit

5 thoughts on “Seeing double!

  1. Vielen Dank Ron, für deinen wieder schönen Beitrag und die wunderbaren Bilder! Auch ich mache gerne Fotos mit Wasser. Gudrun


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