Zanzibar interlude

Some of you may be wondering what happened with the rest of my posts about our road trip from Zambia to South Africa. Fear not, the final and dramatic instalment is still in production.

In the meantime, however, I am doing a short assignment in Tanzania, including a few days in Zanzibar. And Marina was able to join me over the weekend, staying in Stone Town. So we managed to do some sightseeing and snorkeling.

This sunset was seen from the rooftop terrace of the Maru Maru Hotel, where we were staying.

A few more images below:

View across the bay in front of Stone Town, heading towards Prison Island.

So now you know where Prison Island is!

The island was intended to be a prison when the buildings were constructed in the 1890’s but was never used as such. It was rather used as a quarantine station for people who arrived by sea and who might have diseases like cholera or the plague. Today it hosts a large number of very large Aldabra tortoises.

…And a popular place for tourists like us to use, and as a base for short snorkeling excursions.

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