… and a bit more Swakopmund

The town may have a somewhat sleepy character, but for the young-at-heart (like ourselves, cough cough) there is also some excitement to be found in the dunes nearby. Following a guide on a quad bike, who knew to avoid the steepest slopes and the protected gravel lags between the dunes, we raced around in a bright blue buggy. There were a few moments when the young-at-heart had their hearts in their mouths, especially when going over the lip of a dune onto the steep downwind slopes.

Slightly posed image of two daredevils

Our guide (who did not know that I’m a geologist) proceeded to tell us about the iron-bearing heavy sands in the dunes and produced a magnet. Using this to separate iron-bearing, magnetic sand from the dunes, he proceeded to write a message on the dunes, see below.

I admit that I actually thought the wind ripples in the sand were more interesting than the rather corny message, but hey, this is what you do on holiday.

Marina misbehaving with a statue that remembers colonial-era German military action in Namibia

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