First day: Lusaka to Livingstone

This is the first post about our travels from Lusaka to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa (and back), during early 2019. In future, I hope to write these things a bit sooner, but now I’m playing catch-up.

After concluding my last official day on the EU-funded MPMSP project in Zambia, we took off from Lusaka just after 07:00 on the 12th January. We made good time, had a very nice breakfast at CoffeeBerry, just before Mazabuka, another quick stop at the Lay-By near Choma and reached Gloria’s B&B in Livingstone by mid-afternoon.20190112_092921

We were warmly welcomed by Gloria herself. We quickly had a dip in their pool, accompanied by her very chatty young daughter! We had stayed in other Livingstone accommodations before, but quite frankly had selected Gloria’s because it was more affordable. It’s not in a very glamorous location, being in a Livingstone suburb, but the room was very comfortable and sited in a quiet green garden. Definitely worth staying there again!


We went to bed excited about the long trip ahead, most of which on roads we had not travelled before. We’d purchased the 2nd hand Prado pictured above, from a hashing friend in Lusaka and after doing some very necessary repairs (including the replacement of the entire chassis!) we planned to explore the region and to spend a bit of time visiting family and friends in South Africa.

I can promise some more excitement in the coming posts, while I learn how to drive this WordPress thing at the same time.

One thought on “First day: Lusaka to Livingstone

  1. I wish we had known about Gloria, there was one night when we were traveling from Livingston eastwards when I had a miserable night, feeling like I would rather go home. Gloria’s place sounds like a delight.


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